Places of Interest

I don’t travel often…

I’m more of a homebody, however, I do love to explore my home state and from time to time I do get out of state to visit family and friends.

I blog  here about places that I’ve been that I know would be of interest to my readers.   These posts could include state parks, gardens/arboretums, museums, concert halls/venues, favorite shops, restaurants, and attractions.

I hope to add a bucket list of states and countries that I would love to visit.  Hopefully there will be some traveling in my near future!

So on with the list…

Lazy 5 Ranch 1Lazy 5 Ranch 2:  Mooresville, NC

Pilot Mountain State Park:  Pinnacle, NC

Hanging Rock State Park:  Danbury, NC

Reynolda Gardens:  Winston-Salem, NC 

City Lake Park:  Jamestown, NC

Oak Hollow Lake Park:  High Point, NC

Salisbury, NC

Piedmont Environmental and  Bicentennial Greenway:  High Point, NC

Pinnacle Rock State Park:  West Virginia

Georgia Aquarium:  Atlanta, GA

Nascar Hall of Fame:  Charlotte, NC

NC Zoo:  Asheboro, NC

R.J. Reynolds Forest Aviary:  NC Zoo in Asheboro

3 thoughts on “Places of Interest

  1. Kennedy says:

    You know me! I’m a traveler! One of these days we’ll go out of this country together! I am always down w/ going back to Europe!

    • Oh, yes! Don’t worry I know we will get out of the country eventually! I’m hoping to make it to some other states. In fact, Noah and I’ve been talking about going to New York for our next big trip. I want to see the sights and visit some of my fave talk shows! Squeeee! I’m thinking about starting a board on pinterest for “Oh, The Places I Want To Go”! =) I would love to be a full-time traveler…if only it wasn’t so expensive!

  2. finner910 says:

    Thanks for posting this list! I can tell you as a Charlotte resident, the Nascar Hall of Fame is pretty fun, but there are all sorts of other great places in North Carolina! My recommendation would be to check out Scotch Hall Preserve, a new community on the coast of the Albemarle Sound. Check out pictures at their website:

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