DIY Wine Cork Coasters

So earlier this week I told you this week’s project would involve wine corks!  Oh, for the love of wine corks!!  I decided to make coasters for coffee/teacups.  This was super easy and very cheap to make!

What you need:

  • tons of wine corks (I washed them in soapy water and let them air dry overnight)
  • glue gun

Glue each wine cork together by placing the glue on top of each cork and attaching until you have 4 rows of 3 wine corks each.  Once they are dry, place two of the stacks together and glue from top to bottom in between the corks, while pressing firmly together.  Repeat this until all the corks are glued together and set. Let dry and then clean up the excess glue with alcohol on a q-tip.

These are great for just around the house or can be used as gifts.  You can dress them up if you like…buttons and beads would be a great addition.

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