DIY Hens & Chicks Planter

diy hens & chicks planter


Around these parts we call succulents hens and chicks or hens and biddies!  They are also called Sempervivum which means “live forever”.  Hens and Chicks produce numerous offspring, hence the name “sempervivum”.  Once they produce their offspring…the baby chicks can be re-planted elsewhere or left to grow around the mother hen.

My Dad has a green thumb for planting most things and he gifted me some so that I could start my own little collection. He starts his off by planting them in a horizontal flower tub.  Then he moves them to his flower pot of choice when they have grown out of the tub.

I love that succulents come in many colors, sizes, shapes, & textures.   They are all so unique.   They are super easy to grow and maintain.  They grow well in full or part sun.  The sun actually helps bring out the colors in the plant…so the more sun they get, the more vibrant and colorful they become.

Below is a video that tells you how to grown your own succulents.


Are you ready for a DIY project?!?!

 DIY Hens and Chicks planter:

  I love to recycle things that are not being used so we found an old bird bath that was not being used in our basement and decided to drill holes in it at the bottom and plant our succulents in the bird bath.  Whatever you choose to plant them in make sure they have good drainage.  It’s very important that the water drains out of the dirt/soil.

After drilling enough holes in the bottom of the bird bath so that it could drain properly…we filled it up with some good ole’ dirt from our backyard.  Then gently placed the hens and chicks into the bird bath and covered them up with the dirt.  We separated them enough so that they could produce without touching.

By the end of the summer there should be no dirt showing in this birdbath.  The succulents should take over the planter and hopefully start cascading down.

Once the offspring have bloomed you gently pull them off and re-plant them anywhere you like.  You could leave them on if you wish, however I like to re-plant mine.  They will naturally spread themselves but if you want them a bit more organized you should re-plant them yourself.

hens & chicks 2 hens and chicks 3 hens and chicks 4 offspring 1 offspring



 There are several ways to plant hens and chicks and you can find some ideas on Pinterest here and here.

Are you guys planting anything right now?  If so, comment below.  I need some new ideas!


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