How Does Your Garden Grow Part II

It’s amazing how much a little bit of rain can really improve your garden!   The garden has grown so much since I last updated.   We now have cucumbers, zucchini, and squash coming in like crazy.  The peppers and tommy toes are being a little more stubborn…or maybe I’m just being impatient, ha!  The eggplant is blooming and I do have to say that it is the prettiest of all the veggie plants.  The big leaves lined with a deep purple vein and the purple bloom is just beautiful.

PicMonkey Collage-garden update

garden 04

Here are the veggies we picked from this morning…one of each!  I sliced up the cucumber and had half of it for lunch!  DELICIOUS!  There’s just something about growing your own food that makes it taste 10 times better than store bought veggies!

first veggies out of the garden


Over the weekend, we got 2 Dwarf Pear trees!

dwarf pear tree

 I LOVE having my own garden.  It really does save a lot of money and you know that what you are eating is healthy and not chemically treated.  It’s amazing to me that with just a little love and care you can have fresh veggies.  We get fresh eggs from our chickens (usually about 6 a day now) and now have fresh veggies to devour!


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