This week’s MP3 Playlist…

Last week I started something new on my blog…

a weekly MP3 playlist consisting of 6 artists with 6 songs that I’m currently loving.


I’m really enjoying compiling the playlists together and I hope you guys enjoy it!

So-sit back, relax, and listen to some new tunes!

If you missed out on Week #1…you can find it here.


1.  Just Give Me A Reason-Pink ft. Nate Ruess

2.  It’s Time-Imagine Dragons

3.  Lead Me Home-Jamie N Commons

4.  Spectrum-Florence + The Machine

5.  Ghosts That We Knew-Mumford & Sons

6.  Some Nights-Fun


6 thoughts on “This week’s MP3 Playlist…

  1. “Some Nights” is actually part of the sound track to Wreck It Ralph which I still haven’t seen, but the little boy I nanny loves it and knows the song by heart (well, an edited version). So we rock out to that song all the time in the car, haha!

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