Sweet Treat Thursdays!!

sweettreatthursdaysToday is the 4th edition of Sweet Treat Thursdays!

If you missed out on the previous posts you can follow the links below to check them out:

Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

and now for the 4th week:


{As always, please click on either the photo or the photo & recipe source link to see the original post!}


This frosting is from Stef over at Girl.Inspired.!

Photo & Recipe Source

Absolutely delicious!!


This recipe is from Georganne over at Lila Loa!

Photo & Recipe Source

This butter cream frosting is perfect for cookies or in my case, cookie pops!


This recipe is from the mother/daughter {Kyra & Jocelyn} team over at Caramel Potatoes!

Photo & Recipe Source


This recipe is from Erika Beth over at Life’s Too Short to Skip Dessert!

Photo & Recipe Source


This recipe is from Erica over at Erica’s Sweet Tooth!

Photo & Recipe Source

7 thoughts on “Sweet Treat Thursdays!!

  1. Love cupcakes … they are so pretty – some like small pieces of art – but I want them naked and then they really become muffins … don’t like any frosting – your photos and cupcakes are so beautiful.

    • I like muffins too, I don’t usually eat alot of icing. It’s too sweet for me. But my family and friends ❤ it when I bake!

      P.S. The photos in this post are not mine…they belong to the original posters that I've linked to underneath the photos. These recipes were all found via the worldwide web! I'm just passing the information along for others to indulge in!

      • Okay, I thought you had baked all those beauties. Anyhow they are very good and pretty.
        We don’t use a lot of icing over here – for cakes we use whipping cream for cover instead.
        So I think that is the reason why I find icing so so sweet.

      • I would imagine so, after just using whipping cream the icing would taste so much sweeter! Sometimes the icing is just way too sweet for me, I’d rather have just the cake than all that icing!

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