Inspirational Wednesday!!

Six months ago…I started keeping up with my daily food intake and realized that I had some work to do on my eating habits.  I’ve been overweight since childhood and I’ve tried numerous diets over the past 10+ years and have failed at them all.  I would loose some weight then gain it back and give up time after time again.  I have always been a comfort eater.  Food always made me feel better no matter what was going on in my life.  I ate because I was happy or sad.  Food revolved around family get-togethers, going out with friends, and work parties and other social events.

I’ve been a member of TOPS(Take Off Pounds Sensibly), Weight Watchers, tried Slim-Fast and taken various over-the-counter diet pills such as Alli, and Hoodia.  I’ve gone to a nutritionist, joined various gyms and even hired a personal trainer at one point in my life.

I’ve always been really judgemental of my body.

NO MORE being judgemental of my body.

NO MORE negative attitudes towards weight loss.

NO MORE DIETING for this gal!

My goal is to eat healthier and move more!

I’ve started the New Year off right by sticking to my resolution so far… it’s only been 9 days…but that’s a start, right?!

So with my new goal for this year I thought I would share some inspiration on Wednesdays for people like me who want to develop a healthier eating habit!

My intentions for this year are:

to eat more of a variety of vegetables & fruits

drink more water

limit sugary desserts and sweets

limit red meat

be more positive and inspirational about my weight loss

move more


Here are some inspirational quotes that I’ve come across that really have helped me out over the last 6 months.

I hope they inspire you as well!

eatwellmovemore ultimategoalweight







Below are some blogs that have inspired and motivated me!

1.  Shelley over at The House of Smiths

I followed Shelley’s blog prior to finding her weight loss journey.  She has a great blog and I’ve enjoyed following along.  Here is her first post about her weight loss journey and you can see her progress here.

2. Andie over at Can You Stay for Dinner

Andie has an amazing and inspiring blog.  She lost 135 pounds and has kept it off.  You can find her timeline here.

She also has a wonderful collection of recipes that are healthy!

3.  Katie over at Runs for Cookies.

Here’s how Katie lost 125 pounds.You can find her progress video and photos here….just amazing results!

4.  Emmie over at Skinny Emmie

From 455 pounds to healthy…you can find Emmie’s progress here.

She shares recipes and fashion for the plus-sized woman as well!

5.  Hollie over at Skinny Hollie

6.  Beth over at Beth’s Journey


4 thoughts on “Inspirational Wednesday!!

  1. Diets are a fickle master. Having high blood pressure requires me to watch my sodium levels. As a diabetic I must watch everything else. I look back over the last 8 years or so at the things I’ve had to give up. If I had to pick the one thing I miss the most it’s potatoes, in every form. I actually don’t miss the soda, candy or ice cream. I can do without pastry, pasta and even rice. But potatoes are tough. What’s a great breakfast with golden fried eggs, thick slab bacon and golden orange juice without home fries or scratch hash browns? The only part of that lineup I still eat are the eggs. 😦

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