O.P.I. Nordic Collection: Little Northies

I received this mini nail lacquer collection in the mail this week and was very excited to test out some of O.P.I.’s new Fall/Winter collection, Nordic!

The Little Northies is a sample package of 4 of the 12 nail colors available in the Nordic collection.  They are all mini nail lacquers…very small bottles of polish!

O.P.I. Nordic Collection 00lO.P.I. Nordic collection 01

O.P.I. Nordic collection 02

O.P.I. Nordic Collection 04

My Dogsled is a Hybrid is a seafoam green color that is shiny!  It reminds me of a Tiffany blue!

Do You Have this Color in Stock-holm? is a gorgeous purplish-blue tint.

My Voice is a Little Norse is all glitter with several different specks of color.  I <3 glitter polishes!

How Great is Your Dane? is a matte chocolate brown.

nordic collection 2014

My favorite nail colors in this collection are My Dogsled is a Hybrid and My Voice is a Little Norse!  I definitely want to try out some of the other nail colors in this collection.  Especially the Thank Glogg It’s Friday! and the OPI With a Nice Finn-ish!

What colors are you wearing this Fall?


My Benefit Cosmetic Giveaway!


Clare’s Beauty has hit 200 followers and to celebrate she is giving a Benefit Cosmetic’s giveaway! Head on over to her post and see how to enter to win! Congrats, Clare!!

Originally posted on Clare's Beauty:


Firstly I just want to thank each and every one of my followers. Especially the people that I now consider friends within this amazing little community we have here! It’s nice to feel apart of something and feel appreciated for what you do. I didn’t realise when I started this blog in May that I would have the reaction I’ve had. It started out as something to do while I was going through a rough time, now it’s something I look forward to doing.

Some of you may know that a couple of weeks ago, I said that when I reached 200 followers that i would do a giveaway. I’ve been racking my brain to try and think of a product that everyone would like… But then I thought, why not let them choose? As benefits is a big brand that everyone loves with amazing quality items, I thought i…

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Wet n Wild’s Mega Last Salon Nail Color in Lava Brew

lava brew 5

I usually don’t spend a lot of money on nail polish…mainly because I just don’t see the purpose in wasting money when you can easily find something much cheaper that still gets the job done.  I wear polish year round and I like to change it up every few days.  I don’t think one color has stayed on my toenails or fingernails for more than a week.  I like to change it up.

I have been known to spoil myself on brands like OPI, Essie, and Julep in the past but for the most part my collection mostly consists of Sally Hansen,  Cover Girl, L.A. Colors, and Wet n Wild brands.  I recently discovered the Wet n Wild Mega Last line and was very intrigued!

lava brew 00

lava brew 01

lava brew 02

lava brew 03

lava brew 04

I never have liked any of the brushes that come with most nail polishes.  They just don’t do a very good job of putting the polish on the nail for me so I was super excited when I found out that Wet n Wild’s Mega Last line had a very unique ManiCurve Pro Brush.  This brush is AMAZING!  Finally a full-coverage brush that covers your whole nail.  No need to touch up or clean up a mess after applying.  The brush is thick and has all the right curves and edges!

I chose the color Lava Brew…it’s kind of a orange with a hint of pink.  It’s perfect for all you Coral lover’s out there.   It does have a bit of glitter and shine to it and I think it’s perfect for Fall!    I applied two coats and then topped it off with a clear coat.  You can make it as light or dark as you want by either applying less or more coats.  I think I’ll probably step it up and put 3-4 coats on my toenails!  As far as the nails go…one or two coats is fine.  It dries very quickly and the polish lasts for up to 5 days. 

They offer a wide variety in colors and I’ll definitely be hitting up the store next time I go to test out a few more colors of the Mega Last line.


Fall 2014 Bucket List

fall 13 z1

Fall has always been my favorite season.   This year I decided to make a bucket list of things I want to do this Fall and I thought I would share them with you guys!

Some of these activities on the list are specific to North Carolina, but I’m sure you can find them going on in your area too!

fall bucket list 2014

  • Visit the Apple Orchard Farm
  • Bake a ton of Pies!  Get some ideas from this list I found via Pinterest!
  • Go to the 31st Annual Barbecue Festival in Lexington, NC  {Free Admission}
  • Drink some Pumpkin Ale  {refer to this list}
  • Football Games!!
  • Go visit and buy some Mrs. Hanes’ Moravian Cookies…seriously they are the best!
  • Make some leaf art {Refer to this list}
  • Go hiking and have a picnic at Grandfather Mountain and then visit the Linville Caverns
  • Visit your local Farmer’s Market and stock up on some local goodness!
  • Hayride at Hill Ridge Farms  {$10 per person-includes free pumpkin}
  • Carve some pumpkins with my <3 
  • Go to the Fair {Dixie Classic and/or the North Carolina State Fair}
  • Make Chili, Chicken Stew, & Taco Soup 
  • Attend the Autumn Leaves Festival in Mount Airy, NC  {Free admission}
  • Visit Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory at Concord Mills Mall in Concord, NC and stock up on your favorite specialty candy apples!!  My faves are the Caramel Apple Pie and the Tiger Butter Apple!
  • Make a new Fall Wreath to hang on your door {Here are some ideas!}
  • Invite friends over for some Hot chocolate and/or Apple Cider 
  • Go to the Carolina Balloon Fest {Admission $5-15}
  • Get a group of friends together and go on some Ghost Tours
  • Bonfire complete with S’mores 
  • Visit the Blue Ridge Parkway and soak in the cool, crisp air and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the leaves changing colors
  • Make some Peanut Butter Fudge!!
  • Have a scary movie marathon {include favorites like Beetlejuice, Hocus Pocus, Poltergeist, Practical Magic, The Witches of Eastwick, Carrie, The Lost Boys, An American Werewolf in London, Nightmare on Elm Street, etc.}
  • Try out all those Pumpkin Recipes you’ve been pinning on Pinterest

Can you think of any more to add to this bucket list?


Garcinia Cambogia Review

GC 00

GC 01

Have you heard of Garcinia Cambogia?  I saw a special on the Dr. Oz show about Garcinia Cambogia and was very interested in learning more about this natural dietary supplement.

When I applied for this product on Tomoson I was willing to give it a whirl and see if it really did help suppress my appetite as well as my cravings (mostly carbs for me) and give me extra energy throughout the day all while helping me loose some pounds like they say it does.

Sonora Nutrition‘s Garcinia Cambogia states that it is the Extreme Weight Loss Formula that includes 80% HCA.  What is HCA you ask?  HCA stands for hydroxycitric acid.  HCA is the chemical that is responsible for maintaining a healthy body weight.

Garcinia Cambogia is 100% pure. No fillers, binders, or artificial ingredients.  No side effects while taking the medication because it is made of all natural and pure ingredients.

GC 02

These are all awesome benefits especially the fact that it releases seratonin into your blood stream…besides who couldn’t use a little more HAPPY in their lives?!

Dance break….

Ok…now that the dance break is over we should get back to business.  Did you enjoy that?  I love that song…it’s very inspiring and uplifting.  Now I can move mountains!

I’ve been taking the Garcinia Cambogia now for 3 weeks and the scale is my friend now.  I’ve lost a total of 12 pounds so far.  I’ve been snacking less and when I do eat I tend to get fuller faster.  I’ve been sticking to more balanced meals and I’ve also been using my Walk At Home program so the combination really has helped.  I do feel like I’ve got more energy throughout the day.

If you are interested you can purchase the Garcinia Cambogia here on Amazon.  Your Amazon purchase comes with a money back guarantee!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.


Our Baby Girl

We received some bad news last week…our sweet baby girl Brandy (fur-baby) has a tumor.  We noticed that she had not been feeling up to par lately-not really having any energy and we couldn’t get her to eat and every time she would drink water she would get choked on it.  We didn’t think much of it to begin with because she is a 14 year old Boxer.

 Her condition quickly became worse over a few days and she had lost so much weight (20 pounds within 2 days) and her ribs were showing.  We showed up at the animal hospital clinic on Monday morning where they did her blood work and examined her.  She was dehydrated and so pale.

We discussed our options with the doctor and we decided we did not want to persue finding the tumor and treating it simply because of her age.  However, we wanted to make sure she was comfortable and not in pain.  We were given prescriptions for an antibiotic, a steroid, a pain medication, and some vitamins to help with her joints.

This has been such a hard decision for us.  She’s a part of our family.  We love her so very much and although we don’t want her to leave us…we don’t want her in pain either.

We don’t know how long we have left with her so we are spoiling her like crazy.  Lots of cuddles and one on one time with her Daddy.  They have such a special bond.  Noah got Brandy when she was just a pup and she’s been his best friend and loyal protector ever since.  Brandy helped Noah through some hard times after his work accident and helped him recover from his injuries.  So he is very attached to Brandy.  They are inseparable.

It’s amazing to think that our fur-babies love us so unconditionally.  We hope to keep her as comfortable as we can for the remainder of her time here on Earth.  I know that when the day comes it will be such a sad day for us and we are trying to prepare for it but it’s not something we want to do.

vet brandy

 Brandy hates going to the vet…this is where she stayed the whole time while waiting on the results.

vet bill

The bill for the exam and meds…$400+ but she’s worth every single penny.

vet brandy 02

“Some Angels choose fur instead of wings.”

 I found this quote on Pinterest and I had to use it.  Brandy has definitely been an angel for Noah.

This week Brandy has been doing better…she’s finally eating and drinking more.  The medications seem to be working for now.  We realize we may not have long with her but we are soaking up every minute we do have with her for now and making sure she knows she is loved!